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_Origin of the name Lüking

According to Wikipedia entry descends the name "Lüking" from Ludico, a reduction form of the old-German Luidman [“people man”]. Dtv Atlas "Namenkunde" ["The origin of sir-names"] however indicates the first bishop in the city Münster - Luitger [he died 809] - for the origin of the name. With it names, which begin on “Lück” or “Lüt”, are connected. The ending “ing” means as much as “associated too”. Based on directory entries the name “Lücking” is common at the strongest in the region Münster-Osnabrück. For the form without “C” this investigation was not accomplished unfortunately.

>>> de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lücking

_Tim Lüking | Graz [A]

Tim Lüking has studied architecture from 1999 until 2006 at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany. He finished his studies successfully in july 2006. His final project, which was coached by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Klein, dealed with the Kesselbrink in Bielefeld. Afterwards he worked for an architectural office in Lübbecke [D]. Since march 2008 he teaches students an does research works at the TU Graz. You can find more about him and his projects, if you follow this link:

> tim.lueking.de [in German only]

_Brick producer Lücking | Paderborn [D]

If you are looking for detailed information about bricks, you should follow this link. You can directly go to that website in future, if you remeber, that this firm is spelt with a "c" just before the "k"..

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