Are you searching for talent?


In most companies, the search for new advisory board members and executives only occurs sporadically. As a result, executive search and recruitment of executives are not part of most companies’ core competencies. As your executive search consultant, my team and I aim to offer you top performance in this area.


Within a short and clearly defined period, we will introduce you to first-class, enthusiastic candidates, so you can confidently make an accurate decision.


Why commission Holger Lüking & Partner?

The environment companies now navigate has changed dramatically. Stability is less and less assured, and uncertainty is on the rise. Regular course corrections are the order of the day and have come to replace concrete annual plans. The demands the markets place on your company have changed. So have the demands on your managers. To what extent is your management ready to face these fundamental changes in the rules of the game?

That’s why our ambition isn’t simply to re-fill the position and find “the” successor. Instead, we see Executive Search as a strategic process – as an opportunity for realignment. Looking ahead through the windshield, not in the rearview mirror.

Let’s take the opportunity to stop and consider: Where do you want your company to be in five years? What disruptive influences might hit you hard? In the course of an HR consultation, we discuss and define which skills your new manager must possess to blaze a path into a successful future together with you.

Once we have clarified these skills, we start searching for your candidate. In principle, we conduct a market study for you. Who might be interested, what competences does each candidate have, what is the salary structure?

We will present to you not the first best or the next best candidate, but the right one.

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