Personal information:

Born in Bielefeld in 1971. Trained as an industrial business management assistant at Miele & Cie. Basic military service in Bielefeld. Studied business administration at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. Performed assignments at Mercedes-Benz, Continental Automotive Systems, ThyssenKrupp, and two family-owned companies. Started in sales, later took on far-reaching responsibility for globally operating divisions.

Has worked in Bielefeld, Jena, Dresden, Berlin, Dortmund, Freiburg, and again in Bielefeld and Berlin.

Happily married to Kerstin Lüking, who is a midwife, marketing consultant, and book author. Has five daughters and two sons between the ages of 8 and 25.

Has 15 years of experience in international executive search, 5 years as a consultant.

Enjoys art and culture in his spare time. Has fun cooking and baking with the family. Enjoys taking trips by bike, on foot, or in his Mercedes (W116).


Openness & transparency: Our customers always know where we’re at in our process. We point out hurdles and develop solutions together with you.


Develops plans for the future with Executive Search – in a partnership of equals.

Holger Lüking

International Experience

Before becoming a consultant, I was responsible for global organizations as an executive for corporate groups (Continental AG, ThyssenKrupp AG) and family-owned companies (Gütermann SE, Madeira Garnfabrik). I was also responsible for foreign subsidiaries and drove international expansion through corporate acquisitions. Thus, I have plenty of experience on the international stage

and am able to serve as an excellent first contact for my clients’ international projects. I have an excellent network of consultant colleagues in every country where German companies operate. And if I don’t have connections in a particular country? Then I’ll help you find a consultant who can provide the support you need.

Functional competence

In my professional management positions, I’ve always been responsible for every aspect of the projects I’ve led. During my time at Continental Automotive Systems, my unit had complete responsibility for the entire highly complex project right up to the start of production. As a result, I’m not just experienced in commercial functions,

sales and marketing, but also in technical areas like SCM, operations, industrial engineering, research & development, and quality management. Drawing on this expertise, I can efficiently and accurately determine the best candidate for any position. You’ll get a consultant who speaks your language and can provide long-term advice.

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