“If only we could figure out
where we are and where we are headed,
we would be in a better position to judge
what to do and how to do it.”

Abraham Lincoln

The process

Our stringent recruitment process and the application of our robust and proven methodology are the cornerstones of our approach to executive search projects. A plausible project plan with clearly defined milestones provides maximum transparency. As a result, when the candidates are presented, our clients aren’t confronted with any unpleasant surprises. Instead we reap the harvest of our collaborative effort.

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“We don’t send profiles to the customer right away. It is more effective to under-stand what the customer wants and needs in the first place. And then we present precisely fitting and motivated candidates.”

In 8 weeks to the goal - Our Executive Search Process



Vacant position


Leader­ship card



Candidate profile



Candidate selection

Candidate presentation


Candidate onboarding


What is your company's strategy? How do you create unique added value for customers? Why should the candidate be enthusiastic about your company (insight )? How are the rules of the game changing in your market? Which game changers are entering the market? What could challenge your business model?

What is the strategic goal of the vacant position? Why does this position need to be filled? What are the challenges this position is facing? What barriers might potential candidates perceive?

What is the company’s identity, what culture does it live? How is this culture lived out at different locations and in different departments? Does the candidate fit with the company’s identity and culture? Does the candidate match the characteristics specific to the site and department?

What is expected of the candidate – 6, 12, 18 months after starting? Looking at the future: Where do you want your company to be in five years? How will this position contribute to that goal? Let’s break down the path into milestones.

Does the candidate meet the defined leadership requirements? What are the task-specific, individual leadership competencies required? How does the candidate increase team motivation and team effectiveness? What skills and experiences are required for success?


Which leadership competencies does the successful candidate need to possess? What requirements should the candidate fulfill? How will these requirements change over the next 5–10 years?

  • Create a target company list, conduct a candidate screening (industry and criteria).
  • Develop an individual questionnaire with relevant leadership competencies and the goals to be achieved.
  • Conduct initial interviews for the preparation of the longlist of candidates.
  • Written answers ensure that all candidates are prepared in a targeted and well-founded manner, facilitating in-depth interviews.
  • Examination and verification of professional documents (certificates, references, etc.). Consistent, uniform questions ensure comparability.
  • Preparation of a confidential report.


Careful selection of suitable candidates based on clearly defined requirements.

Presentation of the candidate – we’re always personally at your side, during the first round of interviews, the second round and, if necessary, in additional meetings. In this way, together we’re sure to arrive atthe signing of the contract on schedule.


Conducting regular executive calls to ensure smooth integration. Mentoring and coaching all players.


Quite deliberately, we do not speak of a “search mandate” or “search order,” but of a “project.” A project is characterized by a clearly defined starting point and an equally defined end date. The starting point is the date on which the client releases their specifications (aka job profile). At that point, the actual search and selection process begins. The end date is exactly two months later. On this date, the candidates will be presented at your company. The time in between is structured by milestones. Every two weeks, we provide a status report by phone or in a personal meeting. We report on the current status of the project, discuss the preliminary candidates and their profiles together with you, and agree who to put on the shortlist.

The success of an executive search project depends to a large extent on excellent project management. This ensures transparency and creates trust in both our candidates and our clients.


“Transparency is important to us: cards on the table! That creates trust.”


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